Mother Nature

April 26, 2011
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Pit, Pat, Pit, Pat
The rain falls
Bzzz, Bzzz
The hummingbirds and the bees hum

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet
The birds sings a lullaby
Swish~, Swish~
The leaves on the trees rustling in the wind

The river crashes down
Ahooo, Ahooo
The wolf howls to the moon

Ribbet, Ribbet, Ribbet
The frog is waiting near the pond
The ducks are floating around on the water,
With their ducklings right behind them

Cricket, Cricket
The grasshoppers are communicating,
The wind is whistling

Oooh, Awww
The child is staring in awe,
Zzzzz, Zzzzz
The child sleeps from hearing relaxing sounds

The mother kisses her child’s
“Good Night, my sweet child"
The mother leaves

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