The Waterfall

April 20, 2011
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When you're looking for the impossible
Amongst the idyll trees
And the flowers seem to lose their color
As the wind loses it's breeze

The wood itself is weeping
With an urgency of late
But I will keep on searching
Until the shadows find their fate

In the mornings there is no sunlight
In the evenings only pain
In the winter only the fires, they freeze
And in the summer only rain

I could walk away with pride in hand
And with my memory still intact
But as long as I keep on going
At least I know how they'll react

They'll ask me to stop and reconsider
The wishes in my mind
And just hold onto whatever I attract
Pure emptiness, refined

The cascades of ice they whisper
In a cave where mystery wept
And the eyes of dawn they hide
Inside, where misery once crept

You think you know through a mirror
That was once sheltered by false glass
But the only thing thats clearer
Are the faces of the past

As I jump I can find solace
In the cold blanket of the obscure
And though head first into the cesspit
I am happier, I'm sure

One step closer to the unthinkable place
To the top of such a starting point, I swear I will climb
For the chance of being closer to your trace
But it makes no difference,
I know I shall stall,
Into hopefulness sublime
But I can never find anything that can replace
At any point in time, or at any point at all
Even the dream of your embrace
And the hope that you'll be mine
In that inconceivable place
Just behind the waterfall

The birds they sing of sorrow
And the roses turn to stone
As the waters of tomorrow
Seep into the unknown.

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