A Nervous Future Awaits me...

April 20, 2011
Another day awaits me as i slowly look at time ticking by slowly,
graduation is coming and even though most are excited I'm scared. whats next my stomach drops as i think continuously that there will not be a next move for me and I'll be stuck....stuck...stuck like those who came before me....in between high school and college never letting go of the past because they too were as terrified at change like me sitting here in class on the last day of school shaking at the thought that yes! I will never see my best friend who is sitting beside me with a plan ahead of her. No, I'll change, I'll make my life better before it is too late. I will not be scared to break out of teenage girl land and step into the young woman with plans and goals area. so clock tick and time hurry because I've got Dreams to fulfill and success to meet.

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