Battle Between Me, Myself and I

April 20, 2011
By augustbaby93 BRONZE, Odenton, Maryland
augustbaby93 BRONZE, Odenton, Maryland
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"if you allow it, you encourage it"

Dying to find that one answer to the question of “Who Am I”
Obvious to the knowledgeable, but gullible to the unknown
Making every excuse not to except for me who I am
On the verge of two different personalities, for one can’t be fully revealed
Never able to secure my beliefs and be comfortable in my own skin
Invisible through this window pain of despair and a sense of depression
Quite unsure if I will one day be swallowed by the hatred in this world
Unified with fear, with fear itself being my one and only companion
Eventually believing that fear is the only route to follow

Sensing to alter from what I am into something that I don’t want to be
A sense of uniqueness and individuality shut down with names in which will not be mentioned
Young and vulnerable to various opinions that pierces the heart and the soul
Very uncomfortable with the lifestyle I choose, because it doesn’t approve that of my family
Obsolete with some of the decision and choices I make
Never really satisfied with the place that calls itself home

Accommodated to what makes me special, a sense of relief rushes through my body
Never unsure if what I choose if right for me or right to please my family
Determined to get the respect that I have asked for
Empathetic for those people who feel the same pain, but yet again I have mine to deal with
Ready to enter this world with confidence and determination, no matter what
Staring down hatred in the eyes, believing what I am doing is what I want to do
Obstacles still placed where my feet lay, for it’s not easy to step over
Never will I give up finding out the real question, “Who Am I?”

The author's comments:
this piece was done so I was heard. Its spells oout my entire name going down, but this is more that an acrostic poem, but a true meaning of the real question: WHO AM I

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