April 28, 2011
By , Loganville, GA
I am haunted.
By my past.
By my present.
By wondering what my future will bring.
I am haunted.
By the pain.
By my past.
From being shoved against a wall.
From being yelled at.
From being afraid.
Of him.
Of the fear of him doing it.
That it is a cycle.
That he will repeat it.
That he will forge the cycle.
By the fear of being yelled at.
By the fear of fighting.
Of resisting.
Haunted by the consequences of resisting.
Haunted by the yelling.
Haunted by the crying.
By crying all alone.
Bundled up in the blankets.
That did not help to stop the fear.
The pain.
The past.
The haunting.
I am.

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