March 21, 2011
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Everything seemed well for a while,
Until the hurtful names,
Words, and phrases said to her.
…you are a evil character in today’s society.
Not deserving any love
Or care… from anyone.
You should be alone, forever.
Having a reputation of a piece of scum.

Hurtful words unneeded.
You uncaringly hurt her.
Disregarding nice things done for you,
Making fun of her for everything did or said.
You are the one who should get made fun of.
Your personality is like a bottomless pit of nothing.
You, are low and embarrassing
Going in public is enough revenge for you.
Because no one will ever look at you
With positive care or emotion again.
Saying she was a waste of time for so long,
But now she’s fine and you are the waste of time.

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