Here I Stand

April 10, 2011
By Anonymous

I look from the precipice.
Nothing but gray,
As far as the eye can see.
Uniform, unchanged,
Dark even during day.

Here I stand.

I direct my eyes downcast
Against the sting
Of the wind across my face.
Feral, ferocious,
Fierce against my wing.

Here I stand.

I wrinkle my nose, disgust.
Assaulted scenes,
Drift fore without embrace.
Pungent, prevalent,
Remorse without trace.

Here I stand.

I curl down my lips, distaste.
Loathing the nausea,
Trying to cover my face.
Repulsion, revulsion,
Like sulphur lace.

Here I stand.

I cover my ears with haste.
Cries that never abate,
Jarring through all protection.
Clashing, crashing,
Without correction.

Here I stand.

I stand on the precipice,
Never moving, never losing ground.
I see through, relentless,
Tangent in air,
Through to the emptiness,
That surrounds everywhere.

I never move.

I stay.

I stand through it all.

Here I still. I stay. I stand.

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