April 12, 2011
By musicman65 BRONZE, Roseville, California
musicman65 BRONZE, Roseville, California
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If they could hear
What I’m saying
Because what I’m saying
Is life stinks right now
I’m so frustrated with God
I’m so frustrated with myself
I’m so lost
I wish somebody would listen
To the cries of my eyes
They would see past
What you see on the outside
I wish somebody
Would hear what I’m really saying
I wish
They would hear beyond
What I say and do
I wish
I wouldn’t be just standing in a room
Will somebody
Will anybody
Just please
Listen to me
We love to talk about ourselves
But what have we heard
From the crowd
Will somebody
Will anybody
Please listen to me
Will anybody
Just one person
Will just one person
Believe in me
Have you ever looked and searched
To tell just one person
You’re awesome
You’re incredible
I believe in you
Will somebody
Will anybody
Believe in me
Will they believe in my calling
Will they believe in my past
And look past all my
Insecurities and failures
Will they believe in me
Even though
I don’t believe in myself
Will somebody
Will anybody
Believe in me
Will somebody
Be my example
Will somebody
Show me how to be real
Will anybody
Really show me
How to walk this thing out
Don’t just love your friends
Love your enemies
Will somebody show me
How to do that
Just be my example
If you don’t forgive
I can’t forgive you
We’ll keep growing older
And living with unforgiveness
Will somebody
Just show me
How to forgive
Will somebody
Be my example
Will somebody
Show me how to live
Will somebody
Be my example

The author's comments:
At the time I wrote this, I had felt alone, and isolated from everybody else. I didn't have any friends because I was different, and got in trouble a lot for what I had done in years past, and felt like I could scream and nobody would hear. Since I like to write, I expressed myself and was almost immediatly recognized by others when they saw it. So it has very deep meaning to me.

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