Still Afraid Of Thunder

April 24, 2011
I know I try to act grown up sometimes,
and I know I want to do things myself.
But I'm just like any other kid.
Still 5 or 6 at heart.

I'm still afraid of thunder.
And I'm still no good at math.
I'm still afraid of what's under my bed.
And sometimes I skip a bath.

I'm still afraid of the dark sometimes.
And I still don't listen to my parents.
I'm still afraid of falling down.
And my mom still drives me to the mall.

I know I've grown up a bit,
Since I was really small.
But I'm still afraid of little things.
And there's new things to be scared of too.

I'm now afraid of being alone.
I always call a friend.
I'm now afraid of death.
Is that the final end?

I'm now afraid of heartbreak.
I hold on to everybody tight.
I'm now afraid of closing my eyes.
As dreams haunt me in the night.

I've grown up so much.
But I'm still very little.
I'm still afraid of thunder.
Now I'm somewhere in the middle.

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