I Am The World

April 24, 2011
By LadyRainingDragon SILVER, Rushville, Ohio
LadyRainingDragon SILVER, Rushville, Ohio
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"If you can dream it, you can do it." -Walt Disney
"God blessed the broken road that led me strait to you." - Broken Road, Rascal Flatts
"The city looks so pretty, do you wanna burn it with me?" - City, Hollywood Undead

I am the little girl that stays quiet at school.
Afraid to speak up or look like a fool.

I am the boy who lives in pain.
Beat up by his dad and left in the rain.

I am the dog that's beated and bruised.
All on its own, lost and confused.

I am the girl who get picked on a lot.
Crying and alone wishing it would stop.

I am the world swallowed in confusion.
Crying inside at the destruction from humans.

I am the guilt you live through each day.
For leaving the world always the same.

I am a girl up on the stage.
I am a soul that wishes for change.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this piece, which is one of my favorites that I have written, was simply the world around me. The news, my school, and down to simply how dreadful a place the world can be, and how I wish it could change, but how hard I. and everyone else, will have to work to make this world a better place.

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