Deep Inside

April 24, 2011
I remember lookin in your eyes
It was just the other day man time flies And it's just day by day Ill wake up and say What I gotta say and life is full of dreams
It's beautiful just like spring

But Im not into alot of dreams
Im just unique I got my own thing
I know u got a man it seems
He is nothing his feelings
Like a grain of sand

He treats you like he wants to beat you Its wrong that's why I'm putting it in a poem
I know I'm not king I dont
Have a thrown sometimes
We all just gotta be alone

The road to happiness
Is just right there
Sometimes I stop and stare
You know Ill be around
Until I die I wrote on the paper plate I want cry Ill just meet u in the sky

And it want be to late because
Happiness is there GOD told me Im aware But Im just patiently waitin and u know Ill be there this is more like my feelings in rhyme
I dont have anything to do so
Im wasting time

This poem is all about you I hope u see that through I do all I can do and I sometimes get stepped on like a shoe

But you are my happy place
I say that with grace i just want to Hear you say I've found a better day With a better way and I better stay Its all ok and ur all that matters Im tryna climb my way its like a ladder

I'm done writin these words
I hope you seem them clear there not a blur
I hope they mean something they come from underneath <3

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