Dark Waters

April 24, 2011
By cows983 BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
cows983 BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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The currents rip at my legs
tugging me out to sea
grasping at the shore, grabbing at the sand
bubbles flow out of my screaming mouth
tumbling, rolling, tumbling
crushing pressure on my lungs
my head breaks the surface, framed in spray
a quick breath before I am ripped(yanked) under again
my eyes wide and staring
as the ground fades into blue
I am surrounded by the sea, the rolling wave
treading water, fighting to keep my head in the sky
so tired, but cannot sleep
so weak, but cannot stop
so thirsty, but cannot drink
at last, my body crumbles
I slip beneath the waves
falling, falling
my life floating up in bubbles
darker and deeper I fall
a crushing pressure
true darkness

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