I call him Evil

April 24, 2011
By Anonymous

in the arms of myself
Cradled by my own Defense
He can't touch me.
My legs like railings
He climbed up the stairs
I shudder as I try not to remember
The way he held onto me
Not gently but possessively.
Shushing me.
I said no and he said yes
And then he just removed my dress.
My arms waving like branches which he pushed aside.
He smoothed my hair and said I should enjoy the ride.
I shook my head and was trapped on the bed with nothing but the words that my mother said.
Oh no, how disappointed she'll be!
If I say I didn't want it she won't believe me.
I push away her voice like I try to push away the body on me,
And yet I'm still not free.
His arms, his hands, snakes slithering and making demands
-Ones I don't want to meet
And yet I am pinned here against the sheets.
Lick, touch,
I do believe he's had enough.
I close my eyes and wince in pain
If I admit it I will go insane
Forgetting is my only way out
But my insides are too loud they're trying to shout!
The ways with which he touched me.
Violations I dare not admit.
It's time I open my eyes and be free.
I'm done just trying to forget it.

The author's comments:
It's okay to talk about things, even the things we can be ashamed of. It's okay to not be okay, but not okay to stay that way. Speak up, because there is a way to get better. You just have to stand up.

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