Dear Sam

April 24, 2011
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I was born normal
There was nothing wrong with me
Hermaphrodite I wouldn’t be
No one chose how I’d be

I was born normal
I dated her a year
I played sports and drank beer
I acted like every other guy it was clear

I was born normal
She cried and change she tried
She is gone now ’cause I wouldn’t have lied
People pried and our parent’s cried

I was born normal
I didn’t choose this though
I didn’t mean to hurt her so
Or make everyone else a foe

I was born abnormal
At least this now this I’m told
I wished I could mold
But I loved him so bold

I was born abnormal
I wished I could change me
I wish I hadn’t hurt anyone you see
I didn’t choose this to be

I was born abnormal
I know they aren’t right
They’re disgusted at sight
Change I tried with all my might

I am me
I didn’t choose how I am
I no longer wish to change, Sam
I want you to understand how I am

I am me
We speak of respect, Sam
Yet, I am not accepted as I am
And I refuse to be a sham

This is the eternal question, dear Sam
Is this who I truly am?

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