The Bombax Tree

April 20, 2011
By lilmsDestiny101me BRONZE, Riveira Beach, Florida
lilmsDestiny101me BRONZE, Riveira Beach, Florida
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A fuzzy pink or white flower on the ground
Underneath the tree that sprouted it.
Sprinkled with pollen at the end of each strand that
Hangs out in the center of this beautiful flower.
If you decide to grow one of these trees in your front yard
Be careful for the pollen dots attract bees like it’s their catnip.
The science name for the flowers is Pseudobombax Ellipticum
But if you’d prefer just to call it a fuzzy flower no one would blame you.
This tree is also known as the Shaving Brush tree
Because the appearance of these flowers resembles it.
If you see this tree think of this poem because there super rare.
The tree itself grows nothing but flowers.
Underneath the flowers are the buds the opened,

Curled back like a rolled up strip of gum.
Even though it’s strange qualities might surprise you at first,
I believe no one’s curiosity could ignore the Bombax tree.

The author's comments:
i didn't include a picture so you could see the flower through my poem

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