My Dad Is Gone!

April 19, 2011
By antony0596 BRONZE, Northglenn, Colorado
antony0596 BRONZE, Northglenn, Colorado
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This day
My father was killed
When my mom told me
My I couldn't believe my ears

He was a man of good
Although he drank
He meant good for me
and hoped me a great future

We may say we don't like our parents
Or at least that's what we think
But we don't know how important they are
Until they're gone

This day I cried
And was afraid to sleep alone
My mother told me to come to her
And gave me a hug

She assured me that everything would be alright
And also told me that my hopes shouldn't faint
Because even when he's gone
He's still by my side

How I wish I could go back in time
But I cannot
So this day I ask you
To please tell your parents, " I Love You".

The author's comments:
My father was assassinated on February 4 of 2010. I didn't know how much he meant to me until this happened. In this poem are written my feelings about how I feel about having him be gone.

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