~A Ringing Bell In My Heart~

April 19, 2011
By Heartyf04 BRONZE, Quezon City, Other
Heartyf04 BRONZE, Quezon City, Other
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I hear your name ringing ringing like a bell,
There's so much that my heart wants to tell,
With your name engraved deep in my heart,
Like something to call a piece of art

I always think of you day or night,
That feeling in my heart i can no longer fight,
To admit that i would do anything
Just to be close to you my heart is saying

I can hear my heart is beating,
It i know would not stop repeating,
Your name like a bell is ringing,
Oh, how my heart is singing

I guess the time for me to admit,
I can no longer hide what has lit,
The truth of whats going on inside,
It screaming your name as your by my side

Repeating it with an unbroken bond,
That your are the one I am fond,
For me so special and so i fell,
That is why my heart is beating your name like a bell

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