True Beauty

April 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Out in the gathering darkness, I stand.
The skies are darkening, the clouds are clustering.
I see the lightning and I hear the thunder,
cracking the thin outer shell of the clouds.

Raindrops begin to pitter and patter on the grass,
landing gently on my head.
The raindrops begin pouring down,
as sorrowful as the gray blanket of clouds shedding them.

I silently watch the storming weather,
the darkness sapping my happiness,
the raindrops washing my hope away.
Standing there in the rain, the storm affects my soul.

Small trickles of water begin to form,
growing and filling into small streams of rainwater.
Little birds and squirrels rush quickly through the storm,
seeking the dry protection of their homes.

As I watch, lightning cracks the sky,
and thunder shakes the ground.
The monstrous storm becomes fiercer,
trying to steal the hope of all beings.

Minutes pass, perhaps hours,
until finally, the rain begins to yield.
The gray clouds begin to brighten,
and then start to disperse, giving up their attack.

A great beam of light penetrates through the dark clouds,
destroying the bleakness the rain had left upon us.
The golden light shines behind the remaining clouds,
those of who have not yet fled, perhaps to witness this magnificent sight.

The glow and warmth is a great hero,
warming the hearts of all who’s joys were washed away by the darkness.
He now scatters the remaining dark forces with his powerful light,
and fills the people who see him with faith once again.

The sun, bright and shining in the vast blue sky
begins repelling the wetness from the world like a warrior.
The air begins to warm again; the wet begins to dry again,
birds begin singing, squirrels start chattering.

It seems that after the dreadful storm,
the world is reborn into a new, fresh life.
All is bright and shining, peaceful and joyful,
and it seems that there’s not a worry in the world.

This is true beauty.

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