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Dont Forget

I know its easy to forget,
Forget that I was the one there to save you
To make sure you got everything done
To make sure you were alright.

I know its easy to forget that I’m here for you,
The only one not going anywhere,
Though you push on me,
And yell at me,
But I’m going nowhere.

I know its easy to forget the early days,
The ones where we didn’t care what other people thought,
The ones where we would run around in the sun,
Pretending to be spies, ninjas, police officers,
Whatever we wanted to be.

I know its easy to forget just how open life is,
How many options you have,
That its ok to make mistakes and take a few risks,
Fall down once in a while.

And I hope,
I hope that you see just how much I care,
and that I will be the last to give up.

And I hope that you know that I’m your friend,
And its my job to tell you when your being stupid,
Or Crazy,
Or Dramatic,
Or Fantastic.

And I hope you know that even when it looks like everyone else has left,
That I forever will be the one to pick you up,
Dust you off,
And send you back on your way.

So let that smile come you more,
Everyone loves it.

So let your quirky personality show,
Who cares what other people think.

So put down your phone or computer and get over yourself,
And I hope you know that I’m your friend and this is my job,
I know its easy to forget yourself,
But you are amazing in your own was, so let the world know.

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