Like Tissue Paper MAG

May 25, 2011
By gkegrace BRONZE, Bowling Green, Ohio
gkegrace BRONZE, Bowling Green, Ohio
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It is very easy to think the world is horrible.

A bird filled with oil,
A cell that makes a mistake and spreads cancer through a young girl’s body,
A grandmother who will soon forget who I am.

People tear so easily, like tissue paper.

I think I am indestructible.
What happens when I’m not?
A streak of sun rips across the leaves.

The stars look down on the world and what do they see?

The waves of people, full of feeling.
What kind of being would create us?
What kind of thing are we that can love and hate so much?

It is very easy to think the world is beautiful.

The yellow light swells and then fades,
The smile of a stranger that awakens me,
The rain in the street and the water a haze around me.

When I open my eyes, countless thoughts drift into me.

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