Free Light from Darkness

April 21, 2011
By nesquick BRONZE, Newport, North Carolina
nesquick BRONZE, Newport, North Carolina
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"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." -Lewis Carroll

When we first meet on that misty pier,
Your eyes are enticing emeralds
Finally freeing me of my future tears
They gaze intently into mine
And overcome my present fear

When our timorous lips first touch that night,
The overcast of darkness disappears,
Hidden beneath colorful sparks streaming out light
You carefully pull me closer, never letting go
As we watch the elating explosions of fire ignite

My body presses perfectly against your eccentric heat,
For it is shaking from the bitter wind
And your spellbinding seduction. Never retreat!
Alluring fever flowing through me, waterfall of lust
Cascading over smooth stones burnished in defeat

Freezing flames of passion enclose
Our trembling bodies, biting thorns
Preserve and gallantly guard the sacred rose
As we fiercely grasp each other, furtively
The fire of freedom increasingly grows

Your gleaming emerald eyes,
The source of our eternal embers
Manipulates like a splendid sunrise
With its radiance and desire, full of longing
Which my heart evermore complies

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