Who are we?

May 19, 2011
By BeautifulAngel95 SILVER, Cusseta, Georgia
BeautifulAngel95 SILVER, Cusseta, Georgia
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As the little girl looks at the sky
she closes her eyes

Who are we?

She lays under a shaded tree
the sun beaming on the water
she falls asleep wondering...

Who are we?

She wakes up to the touch of a hand on her arm.
She wakes and sees no one is there...

She looks at her reflection in the water.
behind her she sees a man.

The man looks at her with blue eyes.
he says "do not be afraid"

The little girl realizes she is dreaming and the man is jesus.
the little girl asks "who are we?"

The man smiles and says "you are original, yourself"
the little girl says "i know i'm me"

The man smiles and looks in the water and says "you are who you want to be.most importantly you and everyone else are children of God"

The little girl smiles and looks at the sky and asks "does he watch everything we do?"

"Why yes" the man replies
the little girl says "i know who we are.children of God, but we are also sinners"

The man looks down and says "yes everyone is a sinner but God loves you no matter what"

The little girl awakens and looks up at the sky saying very softly in her hands "i know who we are"

We are sinners; children of God

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