You Ought To Know

April 22, 2011
By Danielle Kennett BRONZE, Harrisville, Rhode Island
Danielle Kennett BRONZE, Harrisville, Rhode Island
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Emotions are a powerful thing:
Love, hatred, anger, pain, happiness,
the smile is growing downwards
the rose begins to fade from your cheek
you say it’s alright, it’ll be fine, don’t worry.
Look at the time, look at sun high in the sky
as it illuminates the ground below
look at the orchid, the courtyard,
the day I said “I’m sorry”,
just to make you smile.
It never seemed to be enough,
it was never real, you were never there
behind those sad blue eyes.
You ought to remember that summer day.
There’s a missing secret in the equation
but what’s the use of that old memory?
You ought to know behind the smile
it’s you, you see.

Times are changing, leaves are falling,
snow is melting, the sun sinks.
But you are you, and I will always
be I.

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