I Guess I Had Forgotten

April 22, 2011
By clairebear22 BRONZE, Hebron, Nebraska
clairebear22 BRONZE, Hebron, Nebraska
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I saw you today
I passed you in the hallway on the way to Spanish
Our eyes locked for but a moment, but I realized I had forgotten....

I guess I had forgotten the way my had fit perfectly with yours on our first date,
I guess I had forgotten our first kiss on that rainy October night on your trampoline, the stars sparking and flashing above us,
I guess I had forgotten the first time you used that perfect phrase, cuddled on your porch swing that chilly November night,
I guess I had forgotten how your smile was brighter than Times Square,
I guess I had forgotten the first time you had ever seen me cry, holding me on the couch, absolutely positive that everything would be okay,
I guess I had forgotten the scampish way your chestnut hair never obeyed, and how it drove you crazy,
I guess I had forgotten our last kiss, bathed in the neon glow of the Christmas lights on your porch, breathing in each other's air, breath steaming that frost-bitten December night...

But, suddenly, I guess I remembered...

I guess I remembered how we gradually started drifting apart, I guess I remembered being dressed up and having no where to go, I guess I remember lying awake, waiting for the phone, I guess I remembered how you blamed everything on me, I guess I remembered how much it stung seeing you with her every day, I guess I remember the hole in my heart, and I guess I remembered the longing in my soul to call you, just to hear your voice.....

You smiled at me as we passed in the sea of people.
I smiled back, because I guess I remembered that I really didn't need you after all.

The author's comments:
This was inspired by my first love...and my first heartbreak.

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