Better Than Life

April 21, 2011
By , Humboldt, IA
You sit alone in that dark corner
wondering where all the good times went.
You're scared to move,
frightful that some might see
the scars on your wrists.
You scream and shout.
It's like you can't escape your own being.
You're panicked,
nothing is going right.
Your mind is a dark cloud.
You bang your head on the wall,
hoping it will make you forget,
but you still remember.
All you can think about is,
"Life is too short."
You don't think about the happy times,
the happy times seem to be gone now.
You think about the fights,
the day he left.
Then, suddenly,
the light comes back.
Your head is free of that dark cloud.
everything is white, pure white.
You hear noise yet you still don't move.
You see a face, but you can't move.
You're afraid to move.
You hear your mother crying in the corner.
You try to scream, "I'm here, Momma. I'm here!"
But she can't hear you.
You slowly rise above your body.
You see your body on an operating table,
your father's standing in the corner.
He keeps screaming your name, begging you to live.
You try to get back to your body, but you can't.
All you can do is sit there and watch them.
Death is in the air.
It fills the room.
A heavy, awkward silence.
You're gone now.
Yet you're still ticked.
No one heard your cry for help.
All those lonely nights wasting away.
The memories will stay forever with your friends.
As you're watching over your funeral,
you even see the ones that taunted you.
You wonder why, now that you're gone, they suddenly care?
But that's too much to think about.
You're looking at your family now; the sadness on their faces.
There's tears in your eyes.
They let balloons go, you realize how much you're going to miss them, as well as they'll miss you.
But it's always better than being alive.
This is what death must really be like.
And now, as you stand there looking at your best friend's face,
you realize that this is where you want to be.
So you send one last goodbye down to your family and friends,
and you drift away.
You're in a better place.

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