Awkward Comfort

April 21, 2011
By TexasAngel_1993 BRONZE, Adkins, Texas
TexasAngel_1993 BRONZE, Adkins, Texas
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Roaring noise
Doors with windows and
Floorboards with seats
Tires and axles beneath your feet
Many other parts that make up this heart
No not a heart, yes a car, but yes a heart
Radio on, Tires on asphalt, engine roaring
Not the comfort of a house or anything close
Just the seat you’re in with
Tires spinning, windows down, music up
Staring out into a world of mystery
The awkward comfort found in a car when
It’s just parts thrown together that make this
Awkwardly comforting heart
No not a heart, yes a car, but yes a heart

The author's comments:
i was sitting in a car one day when i realized what i have actually always known and that was how comfortable i am in a vehicle and how relaxing it is. to some people its weird to be feel comfort in a car but to me it is just my perfect get away.

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