What If?

April 21, 2011
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What if we weren’t stuck in the middle?
For better or worse?
That thought we should dwindle.

What if every student learned?
What if all the books were burned?

What if racism went away?
What if diversity didn’t stay?

What if poverty disappeared?
Would we appreciate what we have here?

What if we could all live like kings?
What if we weren’t even allowed the simple things?

What if we all had the same IQ?
What would make myself, me and yourself, you?

What if life was a smooth straight road?
No life lessons could be bestowed.

What if we had to live without love?
Would our heart never flutter and fly like a dove?

What if this world finally found peace?
But what if our wars could never cease?

What if we all could just learn to forgive?
What if grudge filled lives are all we could live?

What if we could not find some hope?
Living our lives, it would be hard to cope.

What if we hope for the best but expect all the worst?
What if our life is a test that we try not to finish first?

Although we are stuck somewhere in between,
We should be thankful that humanity can still be seen.

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bluejeans428 said...
Jun. 2, 2011 at 5:03 am
really liked it. it was long but awsome good job
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