These Are My Tears

April 21, 2011
By Maggie Weldin BRONZE, Joliet, Illinois
Maggie Weldin BRONZE, Joliet, Illinois
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Tears of joy,
Tears of fear,
Tears of emotions,
Close and dear

I cry for you,
This joy overdue.
You’ve beat the disease.
It’s out of you.

I remember the chemicals,
Invading every vein.
No eating and no sleeping,
I remember your pain.
That sentence of death,
Could drive anyone insane.

It’s nice to see the essence,
Returning to your eyes.
I’ve missed that deep blue color,
And that rare oval size.

It’s good to hear your laugh
And see the sparkle come alive.
It’s good to see your smile.
It’s been absent for awhile.

But there’s still that lingering fear,
That cancer will reappear.
To go through that again,
Would be hard for even the strongest men.

But the light at the end of the road,
It shines so ever bright.
It will never dim.
If you put up a good fight.

You’ve gotten yourself out of that mess.
For now, our time is endless,
When before, it seemed so constrained.
This is one cancer casualty less.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my friend who had just been declared in remission. Unfortunately, the cancer returned and he is terminal.

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