My Zero

April 15, 2011
By Anonymous


The keys click hard under his fingers

He searches the page for her sweet name

There's no luck but the thought lingers

Nothing matters, the pain nor the shame

He searches for her, she leaves in love

Who holds his heart dear

Who is so kind and gentle she must hail from above

He needs for now, that much is clear

Her face haunts him, her voice guides

Where, he doesn't care as long as she's there

Without her, everything is so dim

He knows with all his heart she does care

He loves her with all his heart

She is his angel on earth

He's diminished when there part

She has been his purpose since birth

She, his tulip in winter

Beauty in death

She makes the world shimmer

She is his Meth

She, god’s favorite angel

He’s nothing against her lure

As rare as Angel

Of her love he needs no assure

He strives for her felicity

It's all that matters

Through everything, love is simplicity

Their affection never tatters

He is in love with she, he is me

She is Zero

Happy forever we will be.

The author's comments:
This piece was created to give to a very important person, she means the world to me.

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