You are my drug

April 21, 2011
By xoxo.meee BRONZE, Rocklin, California
xoxo.meee BRONZE, Rocklin, California
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I was fine without you.
When I didn't know you,
didn't know of the world
where you existed.


never needed your love,
your temptations, never
wanted you like I do
now. One taste and I


get enough. Your presence
is my reason for living.
your voice, arms, hands,
you hold me together. I


to be with you. You
are my happiness, my
highs and lows, you are
my own personal superhero.


you is, now, a life
I can't imagine. You
are my drug, I'm hooked.
No turning back, this isn't
healthy for me, but I'm still

loving you...

It's a risk, are you
willing to take it? We
are skating on thin ice,
hanging on by a thread.
Love, like this, is forbidden.

If you

promise to never let go,
never leave, I'd risk
everything to be with
you. If you promise to

love me

just the way I am,
I promise to love you
in every way possible.
Love your flaws, antics,

I will

love the part of you that
you hate. Can't you
see how much I need you?
I've been trapped for too long


hoping for someone like you
to save me. Our love
is a risk worth taking..
if you burn, I burn with
you. I need you, i

love you.

The author's comments:
The format of this poem was inspired by Ellen Hopkins books.

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