What to choose?

April 21, 2011
By SwimmerChickHP GOLD, Burlington, Massachusetts
SwimmerChickHP GOLD, Burlington, Massachusetts
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The skies are blue,
I see the endless plain.
So many opportunities.
I go left, there’s a farm.
I go right, there’s a city.
I go forward, there’s a port.
I stay here…there are books.
Do I forgo my books in order to find a good career?
Or shall I carry them?
All these books…they are heavy, impossible to carry.
Which do I choose?
The simple ones of fantasy and magic?
Or perhaps the ones of mystery?
The ones about the brain,
Or the body?
Oh, what to take?
I go to the farm…I need a book on farming.
But I don’t want to leave my books on the sea behind.
I go to the port…I need to leave my industrial books behind.
I go to the city…I need to leave the other books behind.
Stuck in these crossroads, what do I do?
Which path do I take?

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