Forever Changing

April 21, 2011
By Anonymous

I am new, forever changing. i never stay the same, always in motion. always moving forward, never looking back.occassionally, we can't help but think about how things used to be. we go back to dad coming home, to our perfect life. until hell arose,death came to be. not the death you could see, but death to me. who wouldve thought death,evil, could come in so many forms. so many ways. the evil lurks around every corner. for it has been passed on,now,it haunts me. everyday i remember, the screaming, the crying, the coming home late.the tears, the years, we had no idea we'd have this fate. that night in my room, you held me tight. we were new, together, this was our fight. we were changed, brand new. that much stronger, together we grew. the nights full of pain, the days of fake smiles. the day he ran,so many miles. away from me, away from this. you told me you would always love me, you just wanted to be free. you needed change. who would've thought change, ment leaving me?...

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