April 21, 2011
The world is burning
In the fire, homes collapse.
People run, in fear and sorrow,
but I'm frozen in fear.
Every thing's dying,
everything and everyone.
I want to run,
I want to hide,
But I'm trapped . . .

I swear it's worse than dying
hearing those screams,
the cries for help.
Smoke and sweat fill my nose
the fear is everywhere
Atop Mt. Vesuvius
Lord Vulcan watches us,
his wrath inflicts our pain
we'll never know what we did;
we wont live that long.
We're all going to die
And I still can't move.
I'll never be remembered
I did nothing important.
Will anyone even notice
this island that burned to the ground?
Will our lives be forgotten
in this moment of fear?
Will the world forget
that we were ever here?

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