Poem For Those In Need Of A Poem

April 21, 2011
By Anonymous

Dear God,
You say you’re here for us
Through thick and thin,
Up and down,
But why can’t I feel you when I need you here.
My heart is hurting,
It’s full of pain.
I’m doing things I shouldn’t.
I need you more than ever God but it seems that you won’t help.
They say you hear me when I call.
I cry to you every night, God, in need though,
But I don’t think you actually listen.
It’s just that why does it take so long for you to call back?
Give me hope for my life to glisten.
Today my life just fell apart.
I constantly fight with my parents.
I can’t say I love you to anyone
For my heart is broken forever more.
I want my parents to be there for me and show me they care.
When I was little they would keep a close eye on me,
Fear I might break something.
And maybe that’s why I do these things, because I want that back.
I want you to hear me, listen, and think.
Don’t yell or scream or send me away,
I just want your attention.
I want you to know I’m calling for help.
But why aren’t you helping?
Why is no one helping?
Even Jesus Christ and God.
There’s a pain inside me stronger than ever before
And I just don’t know what to do.
It seems like everything needs to be done in a bad way
Maybe then I’ll get Your attention.
But then again, I guess I’m wrong because You’re not coming around.
I’ve given up on you just like you have on me.

The thing though God is that you haven’t given up on me.
You want me to do this on my own.
You want me to stand strong and believe in myself.
You want me to know that I can forgive.
You want me to forget the negative and look to the positive.
You want me to look to the skies.
You want me to open my heart and say “God take me where you want me to go”.
You are all loving and merciful.
You made me to be loved.
You made me loved.
I am Yours.
Help me to find Your love God.
Help me to understand it.
I fear many things in this lifetime but what I fear most is You.
I fear You may not save me,
You may not help me to recover.
In my heart I know You’re there,
But in my mind, Your nothing,
Your gone.

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