Cannot bare the pain...

April 21, 2011
By Anonymous

The advice we are given,we fear.
Fear the world, can they hear us crying?
What will they think? Will they think we're weak?
The lies we hear,we believe.
Believe they are only trying to help.
The truth be told, please let it be.
Your advice will only break two hearts.
Shame, I be the cause.
Will not hurt the ones I love, cannot bare the pain.
Voices telling us right from wrong, why can't i hear them talk?
I listen oh so very hard, yet not a whisper i do hear.
WIll not lose the ones i love, cannot bare the pain.
Need you to live, to breathe, to get me day to day.
You are my saviors, don't make me choose, between one or the other.
I love you both with all my heart, don't make me choose between.
Will not lose the ones I love, cannot bear the pain...

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