May 5, 2011
By Kori Zwald PLATINUM, Boody, Illinois
Kori Zwald PLATINUM, Boody, Illinois
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My choice
My reasons
My life
My voice.

Everything seems so right
My choice hurts so much
Im trying not to let it get me down
Some days are better than others
Other seem the worst.

My reasons are not selfish
They speak the truth to my Decision.
I was no longer going to hang in the balance
Between knowing right and wrong
And never doing anything about it.
The time is now.

My life would depend on your mood
I was tired of you ruining it.
Of you having to make me think about ending it
Because how you treated me
Talked to me
And when and why you wouldn’t.
You no longer control it.
Im taking over it.

My voice seemed to always fall short.
Never said what needed to be.
But that’s the end.
I feel better
But I hurt like hell.
I never get my way
The best way of life
No matter what choice
What decision
What I say to make things better
Or my reasoning for it all.

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