Looking Outside In

April 6, 2011
By mariemoonlight GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
mariemoonlight GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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"Balance is key to living a good life. Too much 'reality' will make you angry, too much dreaming will make you indifferent. You need dreams to live better and life to accomplish dreams =]" - Ms.Nada (my spanish teacher)

when i look up into the sky i see green,

i don't see blue like everyone else.

because i stand alone.

in the middle of a dream,

surrounded by trees in a meadow.

where all the birds sing

and the bark on the trees is as soft as the sky.

a place i call home.

i invision the sky beyond my beloved trees.

i see this bright light,

but i am afraid.


because under these trees is what i have become accustomed too;


the unknown is a scary thing,

but one day i will climb one of those trees

and embrace the light that scares me so.

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