April 6, 2011
“When we were youngins’ we used to go swimmin in the water hole that the
creek made. When you started floatin’ around and layin’ in the sun, I knew that I liked you. I
have ever since.” He said leaning his head down gently onto hers.

“Ya know, that’s the same for me. I saw you trip that once when we were down
there and I just liked you.” She said tracing patterns on his fingers with the hand that wasn’t
under his. She giggled, a girly strange sound that made her stop and then smile.

“What we have is gold. I, for one, am goin’ to keep it that way.” He said and
Stevie Rae pulled away and looked into his eyes again. He put his arm around her and pulled her
close. Fireflies had started to light up the meadow, looking like twinkling green stars. They sat in
silence once more with her head on his shoulder and their fingers intertwined. When it started
getting dark she remembered that she had to go home for supper. He mamma would worry if she
wasn’t home soon.

They stood up and walked hand in hand to the edge of the meadow. They had to
go separate ways from there. So they stopped, neither wanted to leave. He hugged her close and
then they parted, but their hands were still holding fast and he pulled her back. He leaned down
and placed a gentle kiss on her lips, and she kissed him back. They stood with their foreheads
together, eyes closed, not wanting the moment to end. As the fireflies lit up the sky all around
they stood with their eyes closed swaying gently back and forth. They lived this dream for all
eternity, their moment never ending, and the fireflies never fading.

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