April 6, 2011
By Anonymous

Sitting in bed
With a bowl of homemade soup
Unable to move
Without hurting yourself
The vulnerability that you feel
The uselessness that you are
Needing help
For even the smallest tasks
The pounding at your head
The aching in each muscle
Unable to stay still
But can’t move at all
The longing to see your friends
The desperately wanting out feeling
Worrying what they will do
Without your guidance or your help
How quickly trust will break
And fights begin to erupt
From each corner of your life
The balance between your friends
It’s suddenly broken
There’s no one to stop it
Things begin to happen
That will never be fixed
While your just sitting home
Feeling useless on your bed
The strength you always had
To be able to hide the things
When they got way to bad
You’re the one who ALWAYS smiled
Who brought peace and kept it there
But now there are fights everywhere
In the corners of your mind
Between each and every friend
Screaming things you cannot catch
In an hour or two,
You will be fast asleep in bed
Not remembering a single word
Trying to regain your strength
And the pain that you worked so hard
To keep hidden from them all
Just to make their day
Seem so important someone
When truly it was you
Who needed that little boost
When it was deep down you
Who could never bring a smile
You who needed that shoulder
When things got way to hard
You who wanted to scream
But now this sickness
Is bringing out the pain
And the vulnerability that you worked so hard
To keep hidden from your friends
So that they may feel special
While inside you were dieing

The author's comments:
I was home sick from school wondering how my friends would get along with all the fighting that had been going on lately and I felt completely useless. Inside i had been fighting a war between something I couldn't choose but I had been hiding it so well lately.

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