April 6, 2011
By Anonymous

Like a fern
She came from nothing
Unnoticed by all

Like a rose
He came from the greatest
Adored amongst the best

She kept her distance
Yet he still seemed to notice her
Drifting from afar
He pulled her in
Closer than shed ever been before

It was a wondrous feeling
She’d never experienced before
She wanted it to last
But she knew nothing this enchanting
Could be forevermore

She knew him from afar
Never got to close
Wouldn’t be to exposed
Couldn’t deal with the pain
Of anything more than this

She wanted desperately
To leave her spineless shell
To advance beyond this barrier
To limits
Untouched by her till now

Her parents won’t approve
Of anything at all
Maybe just this once
They could be together
And not be judged any

Quickly her forevermore
Began to fall apart
It didn’t lose its meaning
And she couldn’t lose her love
But something was diverse

Slowly she began to drift
Further away
With each second
Of each hour
Of every single day

She tried to pull back in
Or find something to hold
But she began to slip
And fall away from him
Spiraling away… towards another “he”

“He” was like a rose
But not the same as him
This rose was much different
From every other one
For “he” was dark as night

“He” was always different
The precise opposite of him
Yet something drew her in
To that pure solitude of night
And she wished more than anything

She wished to be free
From everything
She wanted to be gone
Lost forevermore

She wanted to be a fern
Growing in the middle of nowhere
Cause she knew he would do anything
To keep her close to him
Yet something kept nagging

At the back of her mind
She heard the words
Attacking her pure thoughts

Desperately she scrambled
To cling to one
But nothing seemed to fit
It was like a massive puzzle
And she was missing the biggest piece

She knew she had to choose
But which one was right
For her to be with
That perfect forevermore
That she’d always dreamed of

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