I'm Still Here

April 6, 2011
By ShenLang BRONZE, Naperville, Illinois
ShenLang BRONZE, Naperville, Illinois
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Take your freedom, enjoy your space,
But take that smile off your face,
The smile of lies, the smile of joy,
The smile you used to break this boy.
To break this heart, to break this soul,
It seems like that's your only goal,
Did you have fun? Enjoy your game?
I guess now things won't be the same.
In a way it's right, it'll bring some good,
Just being apart, the way we "should",
But it's not so easy, there's always pain,
The memories leave a dreadful stain,
At least for me, I know they do,
But I can't say the same for you,
Not after you left, you wouldn't talk,
Away's they path you chose to walk,
And with that solid face of stone,
You left me here, cold and alone,
Was I not worth the time we spent?
Is this what your "I love you" meant?
You said we'd always be together,
You said it would last forever,
Without me you said you'd rather die,
I guess it all was just a lie,
I could have sworn you were sincere,
But that would mean that you'd be here,
Being happy just like before,
When we loved each other and wanted no more,
When I ran my fingers through your hair,
When you used to tell me you truly care,
I guess that's why pain holds its clutch,
Cause I believed you meant as much,
Now I always miss the times we had,
Who knew good things could feel so sad?
How did this happen? Where'd it all go?
Did I miss something I need to know?
Oh yeah, that's right, it was all a lie,
Things got hard, so you said goodbye,
But the problems started once I spoke,
How I felt you thought my pain's a joke,
So you took offense and you took flight,
I guess this means that I was right,
Yet I still tried, still opened my heart,
And you still laughed and ripped it apart,
You just wont listen, won't hear a word,
To you my hopes are just absurd,
I still kept trying, though it was tough
But I guess to you love's not enough,
Now you and your friends pretend I don't exist,
They've vanished as quickly as the mist,
So just give up, just walk away,
Don't hear a word I have to say,
You just don't care, don't give a s***,
It sounded easier just to quit,
To walk away and leave me behind,
To just erase me from your mind,
Well I'm staying put 'til the message is clear,
You can lie all you want, but I'm still here.

The author's comments:
I think it is pretty easy to tell where the inspiration for this came from...

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