Let the waves wash you away

April 6, 2011
By angehuertas27 SILVER, Lake Mary, Florida
angehuertas27 SILVER, Lake Mary, Florida
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You have left an imprint on me
And the waves try to wash you away
But you keep coming back,
Teasing me, and coming so close to
The water, but it still can’t reach you.
It goes so far to make you go away
Yet all you do is gently kiss it as all
The waves slide back into the ocean.
I am reminded by all the footprints
You have left in me that I can’t
Get rid of you. But I want you gone
forever. They say the most important
People in your life will leave their footprints
In the sand. Maybe that’s right.
But maybe, just maybe the water will
Be able to wash you, and the memories,
Away forever to finally be forgotten.

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