Center of Attention

April 6, 2011
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I remember when I felt the rush, when I felt the motivation.
When my feet were bare, when my face was flushed,
And my mind was filled with passion.

When the soft, sandy grit of them the beam, beneath my feet, was the only thing I felt.
When, gracefully, landing each leap and jump,
Was my only focus in life.

The last competition of the season;
Although, in my eyes,
It was a performance.

This would determine everything;
That very performance,
Was my last chance to qualify.

My last chance to please myself;
The thrill was a pulsing feeling,
I had never felt anything quite like it.

I was the only person there, in a building full of people; a feeling of pure bliss.
Working for a chance that
I couldn’t allow myself to miss.

All eyes on, just me;
I was the center of attention,
I was the one who everyone believed in.

And just for those three minutes,
It was me, the only one who had the power to
Determine the future.

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