Our Friendship

April 8, 2011
By zobird97 SILVER, DEXTER, Michigan
zobird97 SILVER, DEXTER, Michigan
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You wave at me across the hall
For a second I close my eyes
You pretty much broke my heart
I fell to the bottom of a hole
And you didn’t help me out
Your twinkling eyes convinced me that we were perfect for each other
And I trusted them
Because I remember how you wanted to scream
Fall to the ground and cry
Sit in the dark, hunched in a corner
And no one heard you but me
But that obviously wasn’t enough
The evidence was destroyed
Unsolved mystery locked away forever
I remember when you fell in step with me
Laughing and smiling walking down the stairs
Both of our friends met us at the bottom
And they asked us why we weren’t together
When you told me your secrets
And I promised to keep them locked in my heart forever
Reassuringly you walked away
Knowing they were safe
I still remember the way your arms felt around me
When I was crying
When you held me
I remember November
You were one of the first people who knew
And I could tell something was wrong
You were dying,
I saw it in your eyes
I told you everything was going to be okay
And eventually it was
I remember our stupid little fights
You told me I wasn’t your sister
And I looked at your Facebook profile
Where she was listed as your sister
The click of the mouse stabs my heart
As I look at her profile and wonder
What does she have that I don’t?
I listened to you complaining
That no one would ever like you
While I sat there screaming in my head
I remember the note you passed me
Written in blue ink
Her name begins with R
My heart split in two
But you didn’t see it
I remember when I lied and said I didn’t like you
And I saw a wave of relief flood your face
Afterwards I went home and cried myself to sleep
I remember how our friendship shined like gold
But she came along weathered it to rust
I realized you found a new girl to throw
Head-over heels in love
I opened my eyes and watched you come closer
“Reagan said yes!! Can you believe it?”
I force a smile
“Seriously? Congrats!!”
You walked away to the girl you loved
And that’s when I realized our friendship would stick
No matter the weather or heartache that would follow
And so I left my heart in my locker
And I prayed I would see you tomorrow

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