Mirror Eyes

April 6, 2011
By PceLuvOlivia12 BRONZE, Meriden, Connecticut
PceLuvOlivia12 BRONZE, Meriden, Connecticut
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To someone looking in from the outside
The girl in the mirror seems
Like she has a good amount of things

Blonde hair and blue eyes and bright clothes
Curls collapse onto her thin shoulders
And pink lips peer from a pale face

This physique means nothing to her
Standing in front of the mirror she sees in her eyes
The calm chaos of the things she hides

The fear that folds around her heart
And hope that burns it’s grasping vines away
Dreams of places she wishes she could be one day

The whisper of her wondering mind
Wishing she could wake up to life
Knowing that she has and can and could

Searching for the love she seeks
Knowing that it’s here, inside
Once she clears the concealing curtains
Which have formed over those clear blue eyes

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