Baby Brother

April 6, 2011
One day I was part of
A family of five, the
Next a family of four
Things can change
So quickly in the
Blink of an eye
Your world could become
Upside down, you feeling
Lost and knowing you need to
Be strong for your family,
But needing someone to be
Strong for you

My last goodbye
Was stuck in my throat
As I see him laying
In his crib, his face all blue and purple
He looked so different
From the joyous baby
That cried to be held, laughed when
I played with him

I am from the tears
That I cried for him
Kneeling on his grave
Wishing it weren’t real
But knowing that I couldn’t
Change anything
Taking comfort in the fact
That I would see him again
So that I could apologize
To for not being there
When he needed me

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