The Dress

April 6, 2011
The dress that I wore
The last time you held me
Peers out of the old armoire
Just a little bit farther than everything else
Mocking me and my
Foolish heart full of
What could have been

The white silk
And it’s the only thing that I can see
In this dark room
Kind of like your face when
You used to smile at me

It’s 1a.m.
The only time I presently allow myself
To think of you
Because for a while there the thinking
Sickened me and stole my mind
And stole the girl you used to know

I was such a fool when I
Wore that dress because
I stopped being me and started
Being who I though you’d like
Trussed up and high-heeled and
Face painted with my makeup
And my insecurities

I forgot that you had once liked
The girl in worn running sneakers
Decked out in sweat and mud
Hair styled only by the wind

I tried so hard, so hard
To be her again but
The harder I tried the less I was me
And I was but a pool of
Fear and regret and tears because
Soon I had ceased to exist in your mind

Was it you? Was it me?
I blame me and you blame you
And I don’t think there’s anything
Left to do but
Let go of it all
My beautiful dream

This romance was a dress that I
Wore once
Put into the closet
And shut the door on,
But it keeps trying to peek out.

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