I'll Never Forget It

April 6, 2011
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It was the first day of seventh grade.
The sun was so hot, I felt as if it was chasing me down those corridors.
Sweat drip-dropped through my maroon sweater and thick corduroy skirt,
And I silently prated that I could be by my tranquil pool
Rather than in the halls of McGee Middle School.
The aroma of cafeteria food, new pencils, and different perfumes
Wafted, floated, and sank in the stiff air.
I overheard kids boasting about their amazing summer,
Their tanned skin,
How school was a scene from a horror film.
My tan was deep, too, and it got even deeper when I spotted him.
There were hundreds of kids around me,
And I spotted him. I had heard the rumor mill that circled around his life.
He’s like rain on someone’s outdoor wedding.
He’s that sick feeling you get from eating something too sweet.
But he stood out to me. He forever caught my attraction in just one look.
His eyes were like chocolate bars
His laugh was velvet.
His personality shone through the tough, muscled front he put up.
Curious shyness was mysterious to me, like an oracle.
The people he was surrounded by were people I knew I would probably clash with
And I was okay with that
Because he was the best one there.
And I didn’t care what anyone else thought at that moment.
I just saw him, and I couldn’t strain my eyes away.
I sweetly smiled at him when I noticed that his chocolate eyes were just as locked to me
As my cerulean eyes read through his soul.
I smiled at you every day for the next year, never muttering one word.
My friends would say I was crazy, yours said you had no chance.
Insecurities swallowed up the best of us.
Who would have known that soon we would know everything about each other?
All the strange quirks and habits,
All the different intonations in your voice, so I know when you’re mad, lying, or disappointed,
The routine we carried out every day for three and a half years.
Always squeezing some way to see each other into those 1260 days we spent together.
I’ll never forget the day I spotted him out of every person there.

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