April 8, 2011
By Anonymous

When it comes to friends in high school,

never say never and never say forever.

Just because you’ve know them for long

Doesn’t mean you guys will stay together.

Just because they gloat your head up

and tell you how real and true you are,

doesn’t mean their not at there happiest

when you and them are really far.

People tell you what they want you to know,

so don’t trust everything you hear.

rumors in high school go on and on

spread by the ones you considered so dear.

When we graduate you can’t take everyone with you,

not everyone feels the same way about you.

People who talk about others in front of you

and talk about their own friends; You should stay clear,

because it’s guaranteed they do the same thing

about you when you aren’t there.

This happens to everyone in high school,

so you aren’t the only one.

Don’t let fake and immature people

stop you from having a lot of fun.

Decide who you want to let in and be with together,

because with new friends you should

never say never and never say forever

The author's comments:
inspiration? everyday highschool

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