Dead but Alive

April 5, 2011
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A soldier lays there, dead, with no more hope of survival
He wasn't shot he's, not even hurt
As a matter of fact he escaped the war
He's very much safe at home
Yet he's dead
With nothing assuring him that he will survive
With no one helping him telling him everything will be alright
A soldier stands, alone, but he stands
Tears roll down his face
He remembers
His fallen comrades
His dead best friend
He falls once again on his knees
Covering up his face as the tears consume him
He screams, he cries, he dies
Inside he is dead
That warm smile has not been seen since he was 18
The war not only killed his fellow soldiers it took him along for the ride
It took his soul, his smile, that twinkle in his eyes
Those bright blue eyes are dull
Those shimmering white teeth are yellow
His perfect physique is gone
His beautiful personality destroyed
His heart diminished
He's gone
Dead but alive
He's gone

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